We Montelieers form the A-team of technology. We provide our clients top-quality software development and reliable Cloud DevOps / SRE services.

We want to have the happiest team members and best adventures. So far we have done great: the overall satisfaction score of Montelieers is 5/5.

Self-organized work, the balance of freedom and responsibility, modern tools and technologies, and customer closeness are the cornerstones of getting things done the Montel-way.

  • office doggos are allowed and loved

  • lunch, sports and culture and commute vouchers

  • variety of hipster coffees and snacks always available, also breakfast every Monday

  • self-development is encouraged and facilitated

  • annual trip to Lapland (we go by train for sustainability)

  • every month TinkerersThursday event for knowledge sharing and fun (and beer)

  • Elina Harju

    Head of Marketing & Recruitment

    “ I love working for Montel and I bet you would love it too! ”

  • Lauri Kainulainen


    “ Put on your space helmet and join our team of tech heads. ”

Our Team

  • Montel Intergalactic